Latinas in Fusion

Recording Latinas InFusion (2018)

Standing Ovations for Latinas InFusion CD Release Concert (2018)


Latinas inFusion (2018)

Here, the Rumbarroco and La Donna Musicale ensembles join forces to perform musical passages that create unexpected journeys through time, full of coincidences and surprises. With unique creative audacity, they venture to bring early European music together with popular and folkloric Latin American music. The result is a magical and unprecedented cornucopia of women composers, arrangers, and lyricists, including sixteenth-century Ibero-American Cancioneros infused with Latin rhythms, as well as recent compositions performed with instruments and techniques from the past.

Recording Latinas InFusion (2018)

Latinas InFusion CD Release Concert (2018)

The vitality of Latin American rhythms ties together the different times and geographies on this CD. The works of the creators and brave women of the past, the Mexicans Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and Consuelo Velázquez, the Venezuelan Modesta Bor, the German polymath Hildegard von Bingen, and the Americans Marjorie Goetschius and Edna Osser come to life in the rhythms of the joropos, landó, bachata, and bolero, some by way of contemporary composers from Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

The driving force of this CD is the powerful expression of the feminine, brought forth by women creators, arrangers, and lyricists. We celebrate the feminine’s multiple and rich manifestations: the mystical embodiment of the Virgin, the mother, disruptive women, heroic women, and romantic love.


I’ve Found a New Baby: Baroque Meets Afro-Latin Jazz

Our second CD, I’ve Found a New Baby: Baroque Meets Afro-Latin Jazz, (2015) took this Latin-Baroque fusion one step further, by blending it with East European popular and folk music.


“Rumbarroco has managed to fuse performance styles across the spectrum in a manner that is highly eclectic as well as fascinating. If you want excellent musicianship, intriguing (and often unique) renditions of works that combine the old and the new, as well as engaging and enticing rhythms, I would urge you to explore this disc. You will find it both entertaining and intriguing, and quite possibly your eyes will be opened to a brand new world.” —Fanfare

“… there is a serious depth of understanding behind the fun.” —Fanfare

Latin-Baroque Fusion

Our first CD (2014) showcased the vibrant musical traditions of Latin America while embracing materials from a wide range of sources, fusing them into a distinctive whole.


“… Rumbarroco offers an original sound and an intriguing survey of the music produced from the blending of races and cultures originating in Medieval Spain and traveling to Latin America.”

“… the clever and interesting way the music develops using the extant works as building blocks will be sure to raise one’s awareness of the brilliance of this sort of fusion.” —Fanfare

“You deserve to experience this ensemble in concert … but until you can, don’t miss this debut CD.” —Early Music America