Nov 17 2019


4:00 pm

Fandangos, Joropos, and other Folias (Beverly Farms, MA)

From Old Iberia and the New World

This program features Ibero-American dances and song-dances including folias, jácaras, and fandangos from the Renaissance to the present. The music spans the early Spanish Cancioneros (songbooks) in old Iberia through contemporary folk and popular music in Venezuela and Mexico. Included are dances such as joropo from Venezuela and Colombia and fandanguito from Mexico. Performers will switch from the European viola da gamba and Renaissance guitar to the Venezuelan cuatro and harp, illustrating the similar yet distinctively different sonorities and rhythmic and harmonic connections between the two continents, underlining Africa’s influence on them. The program will include works by Ortiz, Soler, Murcia, Machado, Castellanos, anonymous composers, and others. 


Daniela Tošić & Cassandra Extavour, voice 

Lisa Brooke, violin 

Eduardo Bentacourt, Venezuelan harp 

Maurizio Fiori, Venezuelan cuatro & Baroque guitar 

Kera Washington, percussion 

Kirsten Lamb, bass 

Laury Gutiérrez, viola da gamba & Renaissance guitar  

Rumbarroco is an ensemble of acclaimed musicians from different countries and backgrounds, brought together by the desire to make a difference in the world with music. We recreate, preserve, and popularize diverse multicultural aspects of the rhythmic and harmonic interconnectivity that has persisted in and transformed Ibero-American music, from the Medieval period to today. In our performances we combine music from the past and present, including Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical compositions from Europe and America, along with Latin American folkloric and contemporary works, in order to create a vibrant Latin-Baroque musical fusion. A native of Venezuela, founder and director Laury Gutiérrez is a Brandeis University resident scholar and a Radcliffe Institute/Harvard university fellow. 

Free Admission (donations gratefully accepted) 

Wheelchair accessible with ample free parking