Latin Baroque Mingling

Friday, October 21 at 7pm

Providence College. Free admission

Saturday, October 22 at 7pm

Church of the Covenant

67 Newbury Street, Boston



This concert presents diverse soundscapes created by the intermixture in Latin America of the music of the Europeans, Africans, and indigenous peoples commingling in the New World since the Baroque Period.

We will focus in particular on the Festivities that may have allowed social classes and cultures to coexist, even if briefly. This includes processional celebrations such as the feast of Corpus Christi and genres like the Black Villancicos or Negrillas.

The ensemble includes voices, violin. Renaissance guitar, viola da gamba, keyboards, as well as Latin American percussion instruments and guitars. Music from the Oaxaca Codex, Gaspar Fernandez, Juan de Herrera, the Coimbra Manuscript, and others.


Adriana Ruiz, soprano

Daniela Tosic, mezzo-soprano

Miguel Cabrera, tenor

Devon Russo, baritone

Cynthia Mathiesen, violin & viola da gamba

Juan Sebastian Sanchez & Ricardo Matute, percussion

Katherine Shao, keyboards

Laury Gutiérrez, viola da gamba, Venezuelan cuatro

Tickets: $35 Reserved tickets; $20 General entrance tickets; $5 Low income tickets.
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Brandeis University Women’s Studies Research Center presents:

Music Outside the Court: Corpus Christi and Black Villancicos

Thursday, October 6 at 12:30 PM

Unintentionally, Corpus Christi festivities have long fostered multicultural and multiracial gatherings, creating artistic expressions in literature and music. This is a Festival in the Christian calendar envisioned by Juliana of Liège, who was a medieval mystic in what is now Belgium.

Black Villancicos were Iberian and New World polyphonic songs written using a language imitating how Africans and their descendants spoke. Music outside the court gives a glimpse of the “other”.

This lecture presents the partial findings of Laury Gutierrez’s research supported by the Tom Zajac Early Music Award. She is a Resident Scholar at the WSRC and has been a fellow at the Radcliffe College Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University. Ms. Gutierrez is the Artistic Director of La Donna Musicale, a research, education and performance organization devoted to the discovery, preservation, and promotion of sacred and secular music by women composers. She is also the director of Rumbarroco, a Latin-Baroque fusion ensemble with the goal of bringing cultures together through music.


Laury Guttierez

We are proud to announce that Laury Gutiérrez is the first recipient of the Thomas Zajac Memorial Scholarship. Early Music America has started the biennial Thomas Zajac Memorial Scholarship, selected by a jury of musicians who knew or worked with the great multi-instrumentalist and educator, Tom Zajac (1956-2015).


To unite diverse communities by highlighting the fusion and confluence of the cultures of Europe, Africa, and the Americas through musical performances and educational outreach.

Rumbarroco Ensemble

RUMBARROCO’s Mission We show the European influence on Afro-American and indigenous music in Latin America, as well as how the fusion of those types of music with European classical music produced new musical genres. We recreate, preserve, and popularize the diverse multicultural aspects of the rhythmic patterns that have been passed down from the Middle Ages to today. And for this purpose we have formed a Latin-Baroque Fusion ensemble of musicians using period, folk, and contemporary popular instruments. Rumbarroco also aims to promote awareness and enjoyment of the musical and cultural similarities and distinctions between Orient and Occident, and among Jews, Christians, and Muslims, as experienced through Latin-American music. We seek to unite today’s diverse communities through the powerful transformative passion of the music we play. Finally, we employ music as a tool for cultural integration, especially for the empowerment of youth in their personal growth.


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