Peer Relief fund 2020

La Donna Musicale/Rumbarroco Peer Relief Fund was created with a starting budget of $3,000 to distribute among musicians. A priority will be given to musicians scheduled to perform in March and April with our ensembles. Those in need will have 24 hours to apply for an award of $150 per musician. Whatever remaining funds, which are left after disbursement of the first round of support, will be distributed to musicians, arrangers, and composers, who have performed with us in the past. The organization is accepting donations to help increase our fund and cast a wider safety net for our artist community. All funds will be delivered to qualifying recipients shortly after receipt of donations.


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As a way of thanking the singers, instrumentalists, arrangers, and composers that have contributed to our musical mission, the LADM/Rumbarroco Peer Relief Fund has been established to support the artists who have performed with our ensembles in the past as well as those who were about to perform in our 2020 concerts. If you are an artist affected at this time, click below and fill out our application for a chance to receive relief from our fund. Applications will open May 29, 2020.



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Dear Friends,

Though concert halls are closed, music still opens our hearts. Whether it’s an old favorite on the turntable or a new video on YouTube, music uplifts and inspires us during these challenging times.

That’s why La Donna Musicale and Rumbarroco are proud to announce upcoming online performances. These collaborations are an opportunity for us to share our music even when you can’t see us live. We’ll be exploring new works as well as recording our beloved standard repertoire. Our World Children Songs series will also feature Venezuelan music to teach young listeners and entertain the whole family.

While public performances may not be feasible today, we continue to plan for our upcoming season. We’re excited to celebrate the birthday of the trailblazing Classical composer Maria Teresa Agnesi in October with our Love and Anguish concert. Also, this fall, our Latin-Baroque Festival will honor the confluence of musical genres and cultures in the Americas.

We’re also delighted to announce that Rumbarroco has received the Harvard Musical Association’s George Henschel Community Award! This award includes a grant of $5,000, which will help support our activities. But we still need you to make these events a reality.

Today is GivingTuesday, a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. Please consider donating to La Donna Musicale and Rumbarroco [ ] to help sustain our online performances and live music this Fall. More importantly, your donation will also help us grow the Peer Relief Fund that supports our musicians during these difficult months when our concerts have been cancelled due to COVID-19 and the need for public distancing.

Thank you so much for making our success possible now and in the future!


To unite diverse communities by highlighting the fusion and confluence of the cultures of Europe, Africa, and the Americas through musical performances and educational outreach.

RUMBARROCO’s Mission We show the European influence on Afro-American and indigenous music in Latin America, as well as how the fusion of those types of music with European classical music produced new musical genres. We recreate, preserve, and popularize the diverse multicultural aspects of the rhythmic patterns that have been passed down from the Middle Ages to today. And for this purpose we have formed a Latin-Baroque Fusion ensemble of musicians using period, folk, and contemporary popular instruments. Rumbarroco also aims to promote awareness and enjoyment of the musical and cultural similarities and distinctions between Orient and Occident, and among Jews, Christians, and Muslims, as experienced through Latin-American music. We seek to unite today’s diverse communities through the powerful transformative passion of the music we play. Finally, we employ music as a tool for cultural integration, especially for the empowerment of youth in their personal growth.




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